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A Recipe for Success

Post Date:12/09/2019 9:19 AM

AMARILLO, TX – The City of Amarillo’s Food Establishment Permit and Scorecard has changed the way food service providers (such as restaurants) are graded and categorized. And the success of the program has not gone unnoticed.

The new scorecard system, created in-house by the City of Amarillo Environmental Health Department, was approved last year by Amarillo City Council and implemented in January.

The scorecard system has changed perception of entities such as restaurants, which was a goal.

“The new scorecard system was created as a means to change a negative stigma associated with food hygiene grades,” said City of Amarillo Environmental Health Director Anthony Spanel. “The intent of the change was to highlight what facilities did right instead of what they did wrong. We wanted facilities to be proud of their grades and hard work, and to give context behind the grade.”

The new scorecard system uses an alpha-numerical grading system, similar to letter grades in public education. The scorecard system also provides a two-inspection history, and identifies if any serious violations were discovered during inspection.

The scorecard system is unique, and has drawn interest from cities across the country, including Garland, which recently requested a copy of the scorecard system for consideration by its city council.

“The scorecard system was created hoping it would have an impact on our overall grades and raise the level of food safety in our community,” Spanel said. “It has been a complete success and is one of a kind. We have had many Environmental Health departments across the country give praise to what we have done. Many are hopeful of doing something similar in their community. We are very proud of our staff for its creation.”


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