Building Safety 24/7 Instructions

In an effort to streamline our operations and improve customer service, the City of Amarillo has implemented Building Safety 24/7, an interactive voice recognition (IVR) system.

We encourage you to use Building Safety 24/7 to fulfill many of your needs. You can use the system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to do many things:

  • Schedule an Inspection
  • Reschedule an Inspection
  • Cancel an Inspection
  • Obtain Inspection Results
  • Obtain status on a Permit Application
  • Obtain a faxed/emailed copy of a Certificate of Occupancy
  • Check the status of an existing Code Enforcement Complaint
  • Listen to General Information
  • Obtain useful forms, guides and illustrations by fax.

What You’ll Need

  • a. A touch-tone telephone.
  • b. A Permit Number from your printed permit.
  • c. Inspection Code (see inspection codes section below for a complete list).

You will be prompted through the entire process. Press [*] at any time for more information on how to use the system. To return to the previous menu at any time, press the [#] key.

How It Works

To use the Building Safety 24/7, simply dial the direct line,

(806) 342-1555

and follow the simple instructions.
It’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Choose Your Option

When Building Safety 24/7 answers your call, you’ll hear the following options:

  • Press [1] to Schedule an Inspection
  • Press [2] to Cancel or Reschedule an Inspection
  • Press [3] to obtain Inspection Results
  • Press [4] to obtain status on Permit Application
  • Press [5] to obtain a faxed/emailed copy of a Certificate of Occupancy
  • Press [6] to check the status of an existing Code Enforcement Complaint or file a new Complaint
  • Press [7] to access the General Information System
  • Press [0] to speak to Department Staff
  • Press [*] to hear General System Information

Building Safety 24/7 will prompt you each step of the way. You may perform multiple transactions during each call. At the end of the call you will be issued a confirmation number. We recommend that you keep a record of all of your confirmation numbers and associated transactions in case they are needed in the future.

Inspection Codes

101 Building Footing
102 Building Slab or Subfloor Frame
103 Building Rough Frame
104 Building Brick Veneer
105 Building Flatwork
106 Building Final
107 Building Fire Resistant-Rated Construction
108 Building Masonry Fireplace
109 Building Prefab Fireplace
110 Building Preliminary Inspections
111 Building Insulation
112 Building Above Ceiling Grid
113 Building Shear and or Braced Wall
201 Electrical Under Slab or Subfloor
202 Electrical Rough-In
203 Electrical Final
204 Electrical Construction Tap
205 Electrical Temp Service
206 Underground Outside of Building
301 Mechanical Rough-In
302 Mechanical Final
303 Mechanical Prefab Fireplace
304 Mechanical Under Slab or Subfloor
401 Plumbing Under Slab or Subfloor
402 Plumbing Rough-In
403 Plumbing Final
404 Plumbing Rough Gas
405 Plumbing Gas Test, Final Gas
406 Plumbing Sewer and Water
407 Plumbing Underground Outside of Building
504 Moving Final