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Election ResultsNovember 20, 2013 - 05:00

Bond Election

Tuesday, November 5, 2013, will be an important day for all Amarillo residents. In addition to several propositions that would amend the City’s charter, Amarillo voters will have the chance to vote for or against the issuance of $31.5 million General Obligation Bonds for park and recreation facilities, also known as the Amarillo Recreation Complex (ARC). If approved by voters, the ARC would bring together public and private funds to design and build a multi-use recreation complex incorporated into the existing Rick Klein Sports Complex at 3901 S. Grand. That facility currently features soccer fields, several multi-use fields, and a baseball complex. The ARC will serve as a sports hub for local and regional teams. It would offer an indoor aquatics center, an expanded baseball complex, hike and bike trails, and more. This is the first capital improvements bond election proposed by the City of Amarillo in 14 years. In 1999, voters approved a $6,913,000 bond to replace and construct the Southwest Branch Public Library. At the same time, voters rejected a bond for City Parks and Recreation improvements. In fact, the last time voters approved a General Obligation bond benefiting capital improvements for Parks and Recreation was in 1972, which included the John S. Stiff Memorial Park, Southeast Regional Park and other public park facilities.

Charter Amendments

Amarillo, TX – The City of Amarillo’s charter is 100 years old. The charter serves as the constitution for the City. When the Charter was first adopted, the population of Amarillo was 9,957 (1910 census). Since that time, technology, federal and state laws, public policy and terminology have changed. Because of this, the Amarillo City Council has called a special election November 5 for voters to now consider certain amendments to the Charter. On the ballot will be several propositions amending the City’s Charter, which can be found here:   Bond Election (Spanish)
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