Texas Municipal Retirement System (TMRS)

The City of Amarillo is a member of the Texas Municipal Retirement System. The City matches employee deposits at a rate of 2 to 1. When you retire, the City’s contribution, plus interest, are combined with your deposits and interest, and the combined total is used to pay your monthly retirement benefit.

Group Health Summary Plan

The City of Amarillo’s Group health Plan is a managed care plan.
This means the City has contracts with a network of healthcare providers to offer quality healthcare services in a cost effective manner to covered employees, dependents and retirees. The City does not limit you to the providers within the network, however, there are advantages when you choose a network provider. These advantages are discussed in detail throughout the handbook. A list of network providers is included.
Summary of Benefits and Coverage 2014

Dental Plan

Enrollment Information
All full time regular employees (“full time regular employees” mean full time regular employees of the City of Amarillo and full time regular employees of the Amarillo Economic Development Corporation (AEDC)) and retirees and their eligible dependents may participate in the Dental Plan.

Vision Benefits Summary

Benefits Summary
UnitedHealthcare Vision has been trusted for more than 40 years to deliver affordable, innovative vision care solutions to the nation’s leading employers through experieced, customer-focused people and the nation’s most accessible, diversified vision care network.

Prescription Drug Formulary

Using this formulary book to help contain costs
A Preferred Drug Formulary is a list of medications to be used as a guideline for physicians when
prescribing medications and is designed to help keep your prescription drug benefit affordable. It also
informs you of the availability of generic or less expensive drugs, which can often reduce your out-ofpocket

Flex Spending Accts

FSA’s are a way to set aside pre-tax dollars to cover qoualified expenses that you would normally pay with post-tax dollars. When you participate in an FSA you pay no federal or Social Security tax on the money you place in these accounts and when you are reimbursed from your account for eligible expenses, you will not be taxed on the reimbursement.

Life Insurance

City of Amarillo Life Insurance Plans
All fulltime regular employees have $10,000 basic life insurance coverage
at a cost of $.35 per pay period.
In addition to the $10,000 you may purchase 3 additional types of life insurance:

Health Plan Physicians

Alliance EPO Providers Search

After Hours Medical Facilities

After Hours Medical Facilities
If you need medical treatment and are unable to use the City Care Clinic these facilities offer services that are
generally faster and less expensive than a visit to the Emergency Room.


Applications are available for the 2012 John Stiff and L. Ray Vahue Educational Scholarships. City employees and eligible relatives who are interested in applying for these scholarships are encouraged to print a copy with the links below or pick up scholarship application forms in the Human Resources Department, Room 207, City Hall. Completed applications should be returned to the Human Resources Department by April 20, 2012. Selection of the 2012 recipients will be made in May 2012.


CityCare Family Health & Wellness Clinic
The CityCare Clinic is exclusively for use by City of Amarillo employees, family members and retirees who are covered by the City’s Health Plan. The CityCare Family Health & Wellness Clinic is truly YOUR clinic—just for you and your family!

Section 457 Plan Quarterly Review Report (Deferred Compensation)

Watch List

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