Amarillo City Transit (ACT) History
The City of Amarillo provides public transit services, operated by the Amarillo City Transit Department. Amarillo City Transit (ACT) services include fixed route transit and demand response paratransit. Local transit services for the City have been in operation since 1925. The City of Amarillo began operating the local bus system in 1966; prior to that time the system was privately owned.

Paratransit service, designated as “Spec-Trans” for persons with disabilities was initiated in July of 1987. Spec-Trans is reserved for persons who are unable to navigate an accessible fixed route bus and system.

ACT does not subcontract any part of the services that are provided. The major trip generators include the medical center, education facilities, shopping centers and state offices. ACT does not provide transportation services for any agencies or programs. This service is dedicated to certified clients only.

Limited English Proficiency
Amarillo City Transit has a limited English Proficiency Plan where Amarillo City Transits information in other languages is made available at no cost. Should you desire information, you may contact Amarillo City Transit at (806) 378-3095.