Animal Control Improvements Update

Posted on May 06, 2014

Amarillo, TX – In a report to Amarillo City Council Tuesday, City Manager Jarrett Atkinson noted that several improvements to the physical infrastructure and the general operations and management are completed or are in progress at the Animal Control Shelter.

“The goal is to continue the improvements made and to identify and ensure that best-practices are used at the Amarillo Animal Shelter,” Atkinson says.

Among the improvements is a replacement, walk-on scale that was put into use as soon as it arrived early last week. After a brief moratorium, euthanasia has resumed under the care of a licensed veterinarian who is in the room to personally perform or supervise all procedures. Vets are also providing additional training to Animal Control Officers who are State certified in euthanasia. The City will continue to review euthanasia procedures to assure best practices.

Other enhancements either completed, in progress or under review include replacing the kennel building doors, making fencing repairs, concrete floor improvements, upgrading outdoor partitions between runs and more.

Improvements are also underway in the area of customer service, which started in early April with opening the shelter on Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Staff is amending its lost/found pet reports to be more user-friendly, including pictures, and is increasing the availability of those reports to other area shelters and pet rescue agencies.

Finally, the City is moving forward in identifying overall best management practices for shelter
operations, increased adoption rates and spay/neuter programs and to explore a broader animal fostering program.

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