City is Not Selling Advertising Space

Posted on Jan 17, 2014

Amarillo, TX – If you have received a phone call from a company selling advertising for “the City of Amarillo,” please note that they are not representing the official City of Amarillo municipal government. After an internet search of the number, which in this case included a 361 area code, it was learned that this number is used by a marketer. However, it is not connected to any legitimate marketing on behalf of the City of Amarillo municipal government.

In October of last year, the City first warned residents and business owners of a possible scam related to, which was selling advertising on its website. As a reminder, that is not the official website for the City of Amarillo municipal government. The City of Amarillo municipal government does not sell advertising on its website to anyone.

The City’s official website is, and its sole purpose is to help connect citizens to the many municipal government services the City of Amarillo provides. On you can:

  • Apply for a job
  • Reserve parks
  • Pay your utility bill
  • View public meeting dates, times and agendas
  • View past City Council meetings from the archives and watch meetings live 
  • Get your questions answered through the “How Do I?” tab
  • Access public documents, press releases, forms and more

The purpose of this release is not to disparage the services offered by “the” but to caution citizens to make sure you know with whom you are talking, and to avoid confusion that occurs with phone calls marketing the services of that website, rather than the official municipal government    website, “”.

If you receive a phone call from someone trying to sell advertising on behalf of “the City of Amarillo”, then ask for the caller’s name and phone number, and then contact the City of Amarillo’s Community Relations Coordinator, Sonja Gross, at (806) 378-3549 or to verify if the call is from your hometown city government or some website using a similar name.

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